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PRO Series


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, personified by the DURA/PRO series of cubicle systems. These systems come in high endurance compact laminates in multiple designs with solid stainless steel top rails and adjustable legs for efficient floor clearance. All accessories like hooks, hinges, door knobs are in stainless steel. This series is perfect for high traffic areas like shopping malls, offices, or hospitals where one strives for simplicity, elegance and functionality.

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PRO Series


Magnificent design is a way of life with the MAX/PRO series of cubicle systems. These systems come with adjustable stainless steel legs that are anchored to the floor giving you high floor clearance for effective cleanliness. Anodized, aluminum top rails provide you with high endurance, functional capability. All cubicle accessories are in stainless steel. These rich in design, high strength, and economical systems are your go-to choice for high traffic areas.

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PRO Series


BOX-UP \ 12mm
Enhance the beauty of your restrooms with the LORON/PRO series of cubicle systems. This 12 mm shoe box up series gives your restroom area an elegant, contemporary and clean look. Laminates for these cubicles come in magnificent colours and designs with stainless steel top rails that provide stability and strength. All accessories like hooks, hinges and door knobs are in stainless steel. This series works well for high end commercial spaces, specialty hospitals, spas and club houses.


PRO Series


BOX-UP \ 18mm
Fine design sensibility coupled with magnificence has a new name with the LANTO/PRO series shoe box up cubicle system. Formulated with 18mm thick compact laminates that provide extra sturdiness and durability, one can do away with the top rails if desired. The cubicle accessories are in stainless steel with each door having one privacy thumb-turn and one door-stopper channel for a noise free experience. This series with its flexibility, durability and enhanced sturdiness works well in high end commercial spaces, plush offices, restaurants and luxury spas.

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ACE Series


Less is more with the NUVO/ACE series cubicle series. These minimalistic design rest room cubicles are easy to construct, are economical exhibiting a simple sophistication. These systems come with adjustable nylon coated legs that give your restroom space a clean and neat look. Powder coated aluminum top rails gives you stability and durability at an economical price. The cubicle accessories like hinges, lockset indicator, hooks and door knobs are in nylon. Live minimalistic- live with NUVO.

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ACE Series


Today’s multiplexes, large commercial spaces and hospitals bear the wear and tear of a heavy footfall in their restrooms. In such busy restrooms, one wants sturdiness with sensibility. The RORSO/ACE series is your answer to strength and durability. The strength of this system comes from its powder coated robust aluminum round poles that also double up to give your restroom a creative soft edge. With cubicle accessories in nylon, they are easy on maintenance. The top rail arrangement in aluminum gives you stability and economy.

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ACE Series


The ZONA/ACE series of cubicle systems is your answer when aesthetics and ease are needed in renovation projects. Using existing intermediate brick walls, this system fits in perfectly with its door arrangement. The 12mm thick, compact board doors come in varied designs and colours. This system warps around matching pilaster, is slim and strong with high durability. They work well where speed of installation with minimal maintenance is needed in renovation projects.